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How do I view my sessions?

To add your sessions, visit the My Sessions page and connect your Strava account.

What if I'm partly cruising and partly training?

VMG is only calculated when you're "training" (see definition below). I also report your 75th percentile VMG, as another way to cut out your cruising.

Why do none (or only some) of my sessions show VMG in the My Sessions list?

Your VMG is only calculated once click into a session

My favorite spot comes up as "Unknown Location". How do I make it show up?

Send me an email (anthony dot goldbloom at gmail dot com). Please let me know where the location is and what the best wind reading is for that spot

How are the VMG leaderboards calculated?

The VMG leaderboards are based on racers' last five sessions (for sessions where VMG has been calculated). If fewer than five sessions have been calculated, then it'll be based on all calculated sessions.

How is training defined?

Training is defined as: